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Spiders are among the top pests that people fear. There are thousands of species present in this country. Of these, only two are really dangerous to humans.


Although spiders are beneficial in controlling insects, they can become a nuisance when they spin their webs on the exteriors of buildings, or become unwanted guests inside homes and offices.

Among the many species of spiders, these are the most commonly encountered:

• Cellar spiders

• House spiders

• Orb weavers

• Parson spiders

• Wolf spiders



Ants are social insects that live in colonies. They can be both beneficial and harmful to humans.


There are thousands of types of ants throughout the world. Humans come across these more common ants listed below:

• Argentine ant

• Harvester ant

• Little black ant

• Odorous house ant

• Pavement ant

• Carpenter ant


Bees, Hornets, and Wasps

Bees, hornets, and wasps are some of the most annoying insects due to their ability to bite and / or sting. Some people are extremely allergic to stings and should be aware of the dangers posed by these insects.


The most common solitary bees include:

• Carpenter bees

• Mud daubers

• Bumble bees

• Honey bees

• Hornets

• Paper wasps

• Yellow jackets


Blood Feeding Pests 

Blood feeding pests are dangerous not only because of their bites, but also because they carry disease-causing pathogens. These pests feed on blood from humans and animals. They are brought and spread by animals and people moving from one place to the other. They will nest in carpet, furniture, bedding, and on animals.


The most common blood feeding pests are:

• Flea

• Tick

• Fly



They are a serious health risk to the locations that they invade. They usually transmit pathogens by contaminating food, utensils, and the food preparing area. Roaches can also cause sensitive people to have allergic reactions. They usually flourish in unclean environments. The most common troublesome cockroaches are:

• German

• Oriental

• American

• Wood-roach



The magnitude of negative impact that rodents cause when they invade buildings is just huge. They are a nuisance, destructive to property, contaminate food, and are disease carriers.


Most rodents are nocturnal, causing many nights of unrest for the resident of an infested home. They are usually only seen during the day if a large population is present. Rodents are active year round, but most infestation takes place during the fall and winter.


As soon as a rodent infestation is noticed, it is best to start rodent control immediately. Bait or traps are used and will take time to reduce the population.


Popular rodents include:

• Roof rats

• Norway rats

• House mice

• Field mice


Other types of common pests that we handle:

• Beetles

• Borers

• Moths

• Carpet beetles

• Firebrats

• Silverfish

• Cricket

• Potato bug

• Centipede and millipede

• Scorpions

• Pill bug and sow bug

• Boxelder bug

• Springtail

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